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QuickCabin LLC
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At QuickCabin, we believe that building your cabin should be quick, easy, and affordable... so you can stop dreaming about your dream cabin, and start enjoying it.

We manufacture complete cabin shell kits, using insulated rigid panel construction, which can be erected on your foundation in one weekend. And, they're weather resistant, so you can return later to finish your final roofing, siding, and interior details, in stages. Benefits of the QuickCabin design include:

  • considerable labor reduction vs. traditional construction
  • high energy effiency
  • all modular wall and roof components are insulated and precisely cut to size before they arrive
  • panels are lightweight, and easy to handle without heavy equipment
  • only standard tools are required
  • pre-installed windows
  • 12/12 roof pitch sheds heavy snow, and simplifies roof ridge joint
  • 30 year painted and galvanized roofing
  • interior design flexibility (no load bearing walls are required)

If you've found that special place, and are ready to build a small vacation home, weekend retreat, or hunting camp, we can assist you with sizes ranging from 250 to 600 sq. ft. If you prefer to build it yourself, our detailed plans and assistance will guide you through every step. If you'd rather have your QuickCabin erected by a builder, we'll assist in identifying one in your area, or by offering advice to the builder of your choice. In any case, labor will be dramatically reduced when compared to stud frame or log cabin construction.


wall and roof systemsQuickCabin's Wall and Roof System utilizes rigid insulated panel construction. Oriented Strand Board (OSB) skins are permanently bonded to a core of closed cell EPS insulation. Every panel is pre-cut to exact dimensions, and ready to erect. Wiring chases are built in to Quick Cabin walls, and you'll have a continuous interior and exterior nailing surface. This simplifies fastening of siding, drywall, and cabinets. Window openings are cut and framed, and windows pre-installed before your kit arrives. Because there are no breaks in the insulation, and no air movement within the panels, 4-½ inch insulated panel walls exceed the thermal efficiency of 6 inch stud frame walls.

These engineered building components are recognized by the three national building code authorities, and are manufactured with strict quality control. You benefit from the consistent strength, dimensional characteristics, and insulating properties of an engineered building system. There's never any split, crooked, or wet lumber with the QuickCabin system, and you'll help the environment, by using a product made from new growth trees.


Premium painted and galvanized roofing is standard with all QuickCabin building kits and carries a manufacturer's 30 year paint warranty. These easy-to-handle sheets cover 36 inches, and are cut to the exact length required. Matching eave and gable edge trim and roof cap are included. Roofing sheets and trim are screw fastened directly to QuickCabin roof panels with matching color screws. Because of themetal roofing continuous roof surface, there are no roof purlins to search for, and your roof goes up quickly. It will retain its beauty and resist the weather for many years, and its steep pitch sheds heavy snow.